for People with an Intellectual Disability

Currently the MAPC offers assault prevention workshops for adolescents and adults with an intellectual disability. These groups can be a mix of boys and girls, men and women of different ages. Organisations may choose from workshops of two, four or eight sessions.

We also offer an information session for parents or caregivers. This session offers advice around our approach to prevention and a description of the workshop.

The Assault Prevention Program for People with an Intellectual Disability was developed by the Montreal Assault Prevention Centre in 1989 at the request of the West Island Readaptation Centre (now the West Montreal Readaptation Centre) to address a concern regarding the safety of their clients. The program is an adaptation of workshops for women and children offered by the M.A.P.C.

Julie's Story

A wonderful resume of our workshop written and drawn after our class by Julie, one of the students (available ONLY in French):

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“Thank you for the beautiful presentation given to our students as part of group social skills at the Lisette- Dupras Centre. It was well appreciated by both the teens and our workers. The concepts will be most useful for our students.”