Self Defense for Women and Teenage Girls

ACTION in ACTION since 1984!

During this time over 27,000 women and adolescents have had the chance to share their experiences and to develop skills to deal with all kinds of aggression.

Since its creation, ACTION has never ceased to renew its workshop and adapt to new realities in Quebec and Montreal society. In addition to the workshops for Women, adolescents and women living with a physical limitation, ACTION has been further enriched by new programmes such as Diversity in ACTION, adapted for immigrant women, native women, women of colour, women from diverse cultural communities or women living in or who have had an experience at a women’s shelter because of domestic violence.

The Centre is very proud to be able to better reflect the diverse realities of women and move positively towards greater inclusion and equality. This development is reflected not only in the content of its programs but also in our ACTION team itself which is now more diverse than ever, demonstrating a real commitment to change towards more equality.

ACTION Publication

A new resource for women and adolescents: “Women Tell Their Stories-Self Defense in Action“. To read more stories, head to Women tell their stories and share your success story to empower other women to fight back. 


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Diversity in Action

At the Montreal Assault Prevention Centre, we believe that all women have a right to live free from violence and discrimination.

We have created the project “Diversity in ACTION” to offer self-defense (verbal and physical) workshops to address the needs of native women, women of colour, and immigrant women.

ACTION Program


Our ACTION self-defense course for women and teenage girls focuses on the most common types of assault women encounter: subtle as well as obvious forms of assault committed by known aggressors or by strangers.

ACTION demystifies assault and suggests effective and concrete prevention strategies.

The course consists of verbal and physical strategies, role-playing, and ways of freeing oneself from various holds, counter-attacks to physical assault and more.

Since 1984, over 27,000 women and teenage girls have taken our ACTION self-defense course.

Women feel more confident and empowered after taking ACTION.