Our Mission

The goal of the Montreal Assault Prevention Centre is to confront the reality of violence in our midst with a variety of public education forums focusing on assault prevention.

About Us

The Montreal Assault Prevention Centre, a non-profit organization and a registered charity which has existed since 1984, offers an array of workshops on assault prevention to groups particularly vulnerable to assault – children, adolescents, women of all ages and people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.

All our programs focus on developing skills and resources to help people face difficult and dangerous situations.

Programs and Services

Child Assault Prevention (CAP) Project

The Child Assault Prevention (CAP) project for children teaches that we all have the right to be safe, strong and free and that assault need not be part of everyday life.

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ACTION Self-Defense for Women and Teen Girls

Our ACTION self-defense course for women and teenage girls focuses on the most common types of assault women encounter: subtle as well as obvious forms of assault committed by known aggressors or by strangers.

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Physical or Intellectual Disabilities Workshop

Currently the MAPC offers assault prevention workshops for adolescents and adults with an intellectual disability. These groups can be a mix of boys and girls, men and women of different ages.

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Referral Service

If the services that we offer do not match your needs we will try to answer your questions or direct you to the resources that best correspond to your situation. You may also consult the resource page on our web-site


Make a Difference and Donate

Each year the Montreal Assault Prevention Centre offers its services directly to over 3,500 people.

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  • Dr Jean-Yves Frappier (President)
  • Anne Caines (Vice-president)
  • Chantal Arsenault (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Patricia Bossy
  • Maria Sol Terraza
  • David Singleton


  • Heidi Rathjen


  • Beatriz Muñoz (ACTION Coordinator)
  • David Singleton (CAP Coordinator)
  • Samantha-Lee Quinn (administrative assistant)
  • Camille St-Jacques Couture (administrative assistant)


  • Beatriz Muñoz 
  • David Singleton 


  • Ana Mercedes Camacho
  • Nadège Desmarais-Beaupré
  • Sonia Bustos
  • David Singleton


  • Beatriz Muñoz
  • Leona Heillig
  • Béatrice Châteauvert-Gagnon
  • Miori Lacerte
  • Céline Chevrier
  • Nydia Dauphin


In 2011 the Montreal Assault Prevention Centre was given the Award of Excellence in the category ‘Prevention, Promotion and the protection of health and welfare’ for the project Diversity in Action.

The Award of Excellence is offered by the Ministry of Health and Social Services.