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Who are we?

The Montreal Assault Prevention Centre is a non-profit community organization that aims to increase the capacity of people in dealing with various assaults.

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Your support allows us to provide quality assault prevention workshops to the most vulnerable members of our society. Each year the Montreal Assault Prevention Centre offers its services directly to over 3,500 people. Many more receive help indirectly or access resources through our office.



The Montreal Assault Prevention Centre and Respecting Elders, Communities Against Abuse (RECAA) are extremely happy with our benefit concert held at the Rialto Theatre on the 26th of April. A big shout out to all the musicians: Jordan Officer, Brad Barr, Katie Moore, Bud Rice, Patsy Gallant, Jason Ford, Plants and Animals, Beatrice Deer, Little Scream, Lisa Moore and Urockaoke. Thanks also to everyone who bought and ticket and to the Rialto Theatre for their generosity and kindness. It was a superb evening of music, musicians and audience having a great time.


What Is Our Approach?

The Centre’s programming is based on an approach to prevention derived from the CAP Project. The theory developed by the originators of the CAP Project states that 3 factors increase the vulnerability of individuals or groups.

These three factors are:

  • Lack of correct information about the nature of assault, how to prevent it and stop it.
  • Emotional, physical and financial dependence on the people who are most likely to assault them.
  • Isolation from each other and resources in the community which can help them end abuse and gain control of their lives.

Reducing Vulnerability: How?

By identifying what makes people vulnerable to assault we may work to reduce that vulnerability. The Centre’s workshops focus on:

  • Providing accurate information about assault and practical tools and strategies to identify and deal with potentially dangerous situations.
  • Increasing independence and confidence through sessions that are designed to respect the needs and capabilities of the group.
  • Reducing isolation by developing peer and community resources.


We have a list of telephone numbers at your disposal. They included:

  • Crisis line for battered women
  • Youth Protection Agency
  • Suicide action

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Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in volunteering for the MAPC and helping us achieve our mandate of providing assault prevention education to the most vulnerable, please contact 514-284-1212 and ask for Beatriz Munoz ( or David Singleton (

We are especially in need of volunteers who can help us improve our fundraising practices or assist with improving our presence on social media and with the general public. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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